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“The purpose of this site is to share knowledge and experiences about plant medicines and development insights, to create a beautiful loving world”
Jochem van der Linden

Cannabis as a medicine

It is becoming increasingly known that cannabis oil has many beneficial medicinal qualities. This knowledge is actuallly very old and the Cannabis plant has been used for centuries for all kinds of disorders. With the arrival of contemporary medicine, the knowledge of this ancient medicine has largely been lost.

Mother Ayahuasca

Originally this medicine was used by shamans who formed a bridge to a spiritual world where they gathered the knowledge to heal the people around them or give advice to warriors. Nowadays Ayahuasca is widely used in Western cultures for self-development and spiritual growth.

Essential Oils

When we breathe in a molecule of an essential oil, it travels to our brain as a stimulus. When we smell a relaxing scent, our brains make substances that bring rest and relaxation to the body. Likewise, stimulant oils are translated into our body to make us feel more active and energized.

By using plant medication you take matters into your own hands and you are less dependent on pharmaceutical solutions.
Find out how you can let go of burdens, with the help of love and nature and thereby gain control over your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Through Videos, descriptions and downloads, I would like to introduce you to the incredible richness of nature through this site.

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