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Mother Ayahuasca

In these times of change there are more and more people who are looking for their true self and the use of Ayahuasca has increased enormously. Originally this medicine was used by shamans who formed a bridge to a spiritual world where they gathered the knowledge to heal the people around them or give advice to warriors. Nowadays Ayahuasca is widely used in Western cultures for self-development and spiritual growth.

On this page I will explain in detail how to brew Ayahuasca yourself, which and how many of the plants you need and how to prepare yourself for a journey.

What is Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a South American entheogenic drink bitter in taste and brownish red in color.
The indigenous people living in various tribes in the Amazon rainforest have a long tradition of preparing and making this natural tea called Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is not just a substance, but a traditional Shamanic brew, made from at least two, but often several plants from the Amazon. The main ingredient is the rank Banisteriopsis Caapi, which is then brewed with the leaves of other plants, such as the Psychotria Viridis or the Dioplopterys cabrerana. Combining these plants produces a final product containing both DMT and an MAO inhibitor. If taken, this will provide an experience that will stay with you for a long time.
The actual effectiveness of Ayahuasca can vary enormously per brew and depends largely on the quality of the ingredients used, but also on the skills of the shaman.

How does Ayahuasca work

The powerful experience, which can be obtained from Ayahuasca, is largely due to the combination of DMT and MAO inhibitors.
DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a hallucinogenic substance that opened your mind to other realities. DMT is found in all kinds of plants, grasses, sea sponges, toads, mammals and is also a body substance in humans. DMT may have a function as a transfer substance. Transfer substances transmit signals from one nerve to another.
Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) is an enzyme in our bodies that breaks down tyramine. Tyramine is a toxic substance that occurs in our daily food. Because the MAO also reacts to DMT and breaks it down, the life and strength of DMT ingested is dramatically reduced. By combining DMT with MAO inhibitors, ayahuasca will interfere with the function of these enzymes, thereby temporarily preventing the breakdown of DMT.

The effect of Ayahuasca

The effect of Ayahuasca is an intense, powerful trip that lasts about 4-6 hours.
It is often described as a vision; a dreamlike state in which spirits, animals, gods, demons and spiritual helpers sometimes appear. Some claim that they see the future or events extremely far away. Others have the feeling that they are flying, or that they are in a land of fractals and patterns. The mind of the user is taken out of our reality and placed in another. With such varied and powerful effects, it is no wonder that Ayahuasca has been used for spiritual and religious purposes for hundreds of years.
Although the sought-after effects of Ayahuasca are of a visionary nature, it also produces physical effects. If you have drunk, Ayhauasca will often cause a purifying effect, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. In the traditional applications of Ayahuasca, this is considered a cleansing experience and often the user is aware of specific traumas that cause this purification, after which they can be expelled. It can also cause tremors, chills, sweating, increased heart rate and variations in blood pressure.

Is Ayahuasca something for you?

Ayahuasca ceremonies are suitable for anyone who wants to take a step forward in his or her life.
The ceremonies are for those who are willing to work on themselves and take responsibility for themselves and their lives.
An Ayahuasca ceremony is not something you just start and will do because you want to do that together with a friend. You really do it for yourself and it is not a pleasure trip just in between. Think of it like this: you are called, as it were, by the Ayahuasca himself. It’s about you.
A ceremony is especially effective for people who are willing to face their light and dark sides. You do not need any experience with meditation, yoga, mindfulness or any other spiritual experience whatsoever.
Do you wonder who you are, why you do what you do and what the goal is in your life? Does the question about the meaning of life arise regularly in you? An Ayahuasca ceremony is also very suitable for spiritual growth and re-experiencing passion in the things that matter to you.

Brewing Ayahuasca yourself

Ayahuasca is a sacred and very powerful way of self-development. It is not a party drug and it is necessary to prepare everything properly.
Brewing Ayahuasca takes time, peace and love. Make sure that the room in which the Ayahuasca is brewed is cleaned and remains pure at all times. You could use Sage or Palo Santo for this.

If you have never made an Ayahuasca journey or if you don’t feel completely sure about using these plants, I recommend that you make a guided journey first or seek help from a shaman.

“Plants for Ayahuasca”

In this movie I’ll explain which plants can be used for brewing Ayahuasca and how much of it you need. I also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different plants and which one has the best effect for different purposes.

“Brewing Ayahuasca”

In this film I show step by step how I brew Ayahuasca. The Banisteriopsis caapi (MAO inhibitor) can be brewed in the same way as the DMT part of the Ayahuasca (which can be seen in this movie), only the quantities will be different.

“Preparation for a journey”

In this video I tell you how to properly prepare for a trip and what it takes to travel safely. I will also give some tips on how you can get more out of your journey.

The types of MAO inhibitors

The first component is the Mao inhibitor. This is usually made from the Banisteriopsis Caapi (also called the Ayahuasca Vine). This Mao inhibitor also has a very good effect of itself which will also be noticeable in the Ayahuasca journey.
Another Mao inhibitor made from Syrian Rue. This has less effect on the journey itself, but is much easier to make and is much more reliable in inhibiting the Mao.
My preference is for a Mao inhibitor where both ingredients are processed together. Then the effect of the Banisteriopsis Caapi is present in the journey and you have the control of the Syrian Rue.

The types of DMT plants

The second component is the DMT-containing plant. There are a lot of possibilities for this. The most common are the Chacruna, the Mimosa Hostillis and the Acacia Confusa. The Chacruna Are dried leaves that are widely used in South America. These give a very nice journey, but the DMT content in the is a bit lower and can also vary greatly per harvest. It is therefore difficult to make an exact dose. The Mimosa Hostillis is very constant in the amount of DMT per weight, but in my experience can seem very powerful and almost hostile. My favorite is therefore the Acacia Confusa. This was widely used in ancient Egypt and has a more loving character.

The dose of MAO inhibitors

The amount of Mao inhibitor depends on your body weight. For an average person you need about 300gr Caapi or if you go for the Syrian rue you’ll need about 3gr. Make sure you never exceed 12gr of Syrian rue per day because that can be harmful. For the Caapi in pre-brewed paste form, 30 kg of fresh plant material is used for 1 kg of Paste. For this paste a dose of 12gr to 15gr is sufficient.

The dose of DMT

The DMT containing plants have different strengths. This is approximately 1gr per 100gr DMT with the Acacia, and 2gr DMT for the Mimosa. The Chacruna is not always constant, but has a maximum DMT value of 1gr per 100gr.
A good dose is about 0.12g to 0.15g of DMT for a 3 to 4 hour journey.
Be aware that some people may require a 2nd dose to fully indulge in the journey.

Advanced travelers

For a somewhat stronger journey you can use 0.3gr of DMT or even take a lot more, but I only recommend doing this if you have more experience. Physically it should not be possible to overdose because DMT is a body substance, however your brain can only handle a certain amount and too high a dose will lead to an anxious journey. In theory you could slowly build up the dose to a maximum of 12gr of DMT but I reccoment not to go above the 2.0gr DMT per journey, because this will already lead to a journey for about 18 hours.

The brewing process

Here you can download a free detailed description of how the brewing process works.
I also describe the amounts and what would be a good dose.

The preparation

The preparation for your journey is very important!
It is wise to start with this well in advance. Many medications become harmful in combination with Ayahuasca and some foods are also inadvisable.


Music often plays a major role in an Ayahuasca journey. I see a journey as a river in which you go with the current. Music stimulates you to flow so that you do not get stuck in certain thoughts. Sometimes it also can be too much and then it is nice to have everything quiet around you. Because you usually don’t have a shaman or musicians around at home, I recommend using an audio system that you can control from your bed and that can also be nice and loud. A good bluetooth speaker that you operate from your phone works great! Because a journey usually takes about 4 hours, it is useful to have a playlist at hand in advance.

Below you can download two playlists.
Both are 4 hours long with carefully selected music for Ayahuasca ceremonies.
They are mixed together to keep you in the flow.
(If you like the music in the playlist, you might consider supporting the artists by purchasing their albums)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do an Ayahuasca ceremony with you?

I have done this a lot, but at the moment I only help people with Ayahuasca who are in therapy with me. These are one on one sessions only.

Do you also sell ready-made Ayahuasca?

No, it is not difficult to make it yourself and if you follow the instructions on this website you should succeed 🙂

Why do I have to take the MAO inhibitor separately from the DMT drink?

The MAO inhibitor is very important in the process of Ayahuasca. If it is not active properly, you have done all your preparation for nothing. By mixing the MAO inhibitor and the DMT, most of the DMT will have already been broken down by your body before the MAO inhibitor is active. If you take the MAO inhibitor first and wait half an hour before taking the DMT, then you know for sure that all the DMT can do its job.

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