What are Carrier Oils

A base oil or carrier oil can be used for many purposes and has its own unique properties, including therapeutic effect and fragrance. You can use a base oil purely as a massage oil, for example. But you can also use it as a base for making creams or to make and / or dilute essential oil products. In addition, a carrier oil supports the action of essential oils.

When mixing, the effect of the oils does not decrease, but they reinforce each other. By mixing a carrier oil with an essential oil you can also massage a larger part of the body. Except for a few uses and some oils, I always recommend diluting essential oil with a carrier oil. This is to minimize the chance of a reaction of the skin (which can also occur after frequent undiluted use), to prevent overdosing, and because this makes the use cheaper and, as said before, certainly not less.

Jojoba Oil

This odorless oil has a skin firming and slightly cooling effect.
This oil has a protection factor, comparable to factor 4 in itself.

With a sun allergy: 30 ml. Jojoba oil with 2 dr. Geranium, 5 dr. Sage and 5 dr. Peppermint.

Almond Oil

This has a slightly nutty odor.
It relieves itching, soothing, numbing, soothing.

At: respiratory problems, mountain, callus, itching, fissures and sores.
Pay attention! DO NOT use in nut allergy!

Apricot Kernel Oil

Due to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, this oil is very nice to use in nourishing skin products. It makes the skin soft, smooth and smooth.

Balances the moisture content. Improves firmness and elasticity of skin and connective tissue. For chapped skin, chapped skin, dry or irritated skin, itching, scaly skin. This oil can also be used around the eyes without any problems. Pay attention around the eyes when you mix it with essential oil. This oil has a very light and soft sweet fragrance.

Argan Oil

Argan oil smells very slightly sweet. This oil is particularly good for the hair and sensitive skin.
Has a calming effect, regulates moisture balance of skin and hair.

Regulates sebaceous gland function, stops frizz and frizz, reduces skin irritation and redness.
Used for; dry, damaged, brittle, frizzy hair and with dandruff, hair loss. With acne, allergic skin reactions, skin damage, skin problems, stretch marks.
This oil can also be applied around the eyes. Be careful when you mix with essential oil.
This is a good mix for dandruff: mix 30 ml. Argan oil with 4 dr. Rosemary, 4 dr. Lavender and 4 dr. Orange. Massage this oil into the scalp, leave overnight and wash out.

Aloe Vera Oil

A soothing, healing and protective oil for every skin type. Optimizes the moisture balance and stimulates blood flow. Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, promotes the self-healing ability of the skin.This oil is odorless.

Good for use with: hemorrhoids, eczema, skin problems, infections and muscle pain. You can imagine that when you combine a carrier oil that works well for eczema with essential oils that have the same effect, it strengthens each other. An example for eczema is: mix 30 ml. Aloe vera with 4 dr. Geranium, 4 dr. Lavender and 4 dr. Sage.

Calendula Oil

This oil is ideal for people who find it difficult to keep themselves warm. The oil stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, purifies the lymph nodes and stimulates the uterus. In case of painful or absent menstruation, a delicious oil to spread on the stomach.

This oil is also ideal for skin problems, including eczema. Be careful: some people react sensitive (allergic to it) but my experience with calendula oil with eczema is better than with the aloe vera oil, which is more known for it. An example for eczema is: mix 30 ml. Calendula oil with 8 dr. Geranium, 12 dr. Lavender.