Note: the most photosensitive oil. Up to 72 hours after application and even diluted still risky.
0.5% diluted max. on the skin.
Hormonal support. PMS. Menstrual cramps
This oil has antispasmodic and soothing properties. including stomach and gastric complaints, bloated feeling, colic pain, intestinal parasites,
lack of appetite.
Infections of oral cavities, throat, respiratory tract, urinary tract, including bladder.
Can also support streptococcal or staphylococcal infection.
Also use for fever rash, fatigue, insomnia.
Furthermore, this oil is: antipyretic, helpful with skin problems, such as eczema, acne, boils and psoriasis. Also to be used for fever rash, fatigue, insomnia.
Works supportive with brain injuries.
When I say ” works supportively” I mean that this really should not be the only treatment method. For example, in streptococcus, staphylococcus and brain injuries, it can go along with another allopathic treatment. But also when allopathy no longer has a solution, you can of course use this.

A fresh, uplifting oil that also provides support for anxiety and depression.
Has a refreshing effect on the mind. Helps clear ‘fog’ in the mind and brings clarity and focus.
When feeling irritable, with emotional stress, performance stress.
Relieves feelings of hopelessness,
self-criticism and low self-confidence.
It supports self-confidence, optimism, courage, self-acceptance and self-love.
Helps you have positive thoughts about yourself and increase your awareness of your qualities. A beautiful oil to use, even if only in a diffuser during career discussions, coaching.
Has a good effect on stagnant feelings ( including feeling stagnant and stuck) and limiting belief systems, beliefs of being bad, not to love and not being good enough.

Crown chakra and solar plexus chakra can be balanced with it.
It can support a higher level of consciousness. Fine oil during meditation.
Helps you remember your connection to Atlantis.
planet: moon, sun,
element: fire, air.
Chakra: crown, solar plexus
Astrology: lobster, lion, fish.
Angels: Gabriel, Michael.
Affirmation: my thoughts support my confidence and courage. I move free of fear in this world. I am enthusiastic and enjoy encouraging and complimenting others. As I enjoy receiving compliments and encouragement. Pleasure is a natural part of my life.
Bach Blossoms: Cerato, Elm, Larch.
Stones: amethyst, citrine, yellow calcite, selenite

1 to 2 drops on 10 ml. carrier oil.
Regularly rub the affected skin with this.
Addiction; diluted under the feet or vaporize.
Inflammations of the urinary tract (also bladder): a bath with 8-12 dr. Bergamot.
Herpes, eczema, skin inflammations:
10 dr. Bergamot,
10 dr. Lavender and
10 dr. Tea Tree to
30 ml. Argan oil oil and apply daily.
Acne: facial water: add 2 drs. Bergamot and 2 drs. Cajeput oil to
100 ml distilled water. (shake before use)
Normal skin: mix 10 dr. Bergamot, 2 dr. Lavender, 6 dr. Petitgrain with 50 ml. Jojoba oil.
Oily hair pack: add 10 drs Bergamot, 5 drs Lavender, 5 drs Lemon to 50 ml Jojoba oil.
Massage the hair oil thoroughly on the scalp, cover your head with a cloth and let this
pack 1-2 hours. Then wash out with mild shampoo.
Vaporize 6 dr Bergamot for stress and anxiety.
Relaxing and stimulating for depression: evaporate 4-5 drops in the aroma lamp or 20 dr. in 100
ml. Almond oil as massage oil.
Irritability due to menstruation: vaporize in diffuser:
4 dr. Bergamot,
2 dr. Geranium,
2 dr. Ho leaf.
Calf wrap with Bergamot in case of high fever.

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