Max. 3% diluted on the skin.
Do not use with: pregnancy,
and with a disease causing rapid or excessive bleeding or thrombosis, also do not use if using blood thinners.
May interact with aspirin, blood pressure medication.
I’ve said it before: sometimes the most severe diseases come along. I do not want to give the impression that an oil can cure this, but it may be able to bring relief or support.
In addition, again with this oil you will see the contradictory effect of the oil: for example, when sweating; this promotes it or reduces it, just what is needed, actually brings it into balance, to the healthy state of being. The intelligence of the oil.
Cypress strengthens the immune system
Strengthens vessel walls and has a vasoconstrictive effect, supportive of an aneurysm; and hemorrhoids, varicose veins, rosacea,
heavy menstruation, painful menstruation, ovarian cysts,
Has a purifying effect on blood vessels and lymphatic pathways.
Cypress promotes blood circulation,
circulatory problems, including Raynaud’s disease, where poor circulation causes the fingers, nose, toes to turn white or even blue. Less feeling or very cold in these areas.
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory.
Breast inflammation, prostatitis,
Works well with menopause problems
Supports diabetes, poorly functioning pancreas and liver disease.
With exostosis (protrusion of bone) calluses,
bursitis, capal tunnel syndrome, concussion,
lymphedema, edema,
endometriosis, flu, strengthened connective tissue,
fat/oily hair, diaphragm rupture, incontinence,
ALS, muscle fatigue, muscle tension,
muscle spasms,
chronic pain,
strengthening the retina,
rheumatoid arthritis, parasites,
excessive perspiration or actually works to promote perspiration, just what is needed.
Urinary diuretic,
stops diarrhea.
Relieves airways, asthma, cough, whooping cough, works to relieve cough, hoarseness.
Restless legs.

For environmental stress,
emotional exhaustion.
Reduces feelings of loss and creates a sense of security and grounding.
Also gives you renewed strength to keep going.
Especially a beautiful oil to use in a relationship breakup.
Helps to heal emotional trauma, works comfortingly and calms anger.
Helps you to concentrate; to limit yourself to the essentials and not be overwhelmed by an enormous amount of impressions. Helps you structure things.
Cypress provides flexibility in thoughts and feelings.

For restless legs: massage 2 drops with massage oil from soles of feet to calves and shins, to upper legs.
Concussion: apply 2 drops with a base oil to the skull rim, neck, and shoulders.
Positive thinking diffuser blend:
2 dr. Cypress,
2 dr. Frankincense,
2 dr. YlangYlang.

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