Contra indications: Do not use in children under 6 years of age and especially not on or near the face, the latter also applies to children under 10 years of age.
Do not use in Parkinson’s or epilepsy. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding period.
May interact with diabetes medication.
People with asthma may benefit greatly from it, but they may also experience increased discomfort. This means it should be used with caution.
Max. 10 % diluted on the skin.
Great oil for the airways;
mucus wicking, cough suppressant, with chronic bronchitis, so with asthma, but can also provoke an asthma attack, so try it carefully. With colds, flu, sinusitis, works
Fever lowers, with earaches (use around the ear, not in it) infections,
pneumonia, throat and gland infections, Allergies associated with throat, nose, ear and lung problems. Beware! You can be allergic to these as well. We can’t think of anything as crazy or someone can have a hypersensitive reaction to it.
shingles, herpes,
when Tea Tree is not helping enough for a cold sore you can try this oil. Even stronger this becomes in combination with Bergamot and you can also use the special lip blisters oil from Aromed.
Eucalyptus Brings blood sugar in balance, but as reported be careful with medication for diabetes.
Promotes blood circulation, so with poor circulation,
chilblains, -feet, nerve pain. Muscle pain, sprain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism,
mucous membrane inflammation,
kidney stones,
cuts, blisters,
headaches, migraines, insect bites or stings,
Has a calming effect on the body.

Concentration enhancing ( especially when combined with Lemon), makes you alert. A fine oil for mental exhaustion.
Has a clarifying and uplifting effect. With conflicting feelings,
Protects against negative thoughts, melancholy,
calms the mind.
With a bad short term memory.
Unprocessed painful emotions are stored in the heart area and especially in the lungs, both energetically and physically.
When you are a hot head; easily angered, irritated.

Beautiful oil to use in mindfulness or breath therapy.
Combines beautifully with the vibration of Archangel Michael.
Plant Message: I open your eyes
Cleansing places where conflict has taken place.
Yang Oil
Chakra: throat,
Meridian: lung, bladder,
Element: metal, air, fire.
Planet: Mercury and Mars
Astrology: ram and twins.
Bach Blossoms: Gentian, Holly, Walnut,
Affirmation: I breathe deeply and oxygen fills my body. I feel protected from negative influences. I am aware of the energetic connection between others and me. I automatically remove unhealthy connections that negatively affect me on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Only goodness and love are allowed in my space.
Stones: black tourmaline, blue agate, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli and sodalite.

For cleaning you can use a mix of tee trea, lemon and eucalyptus.
Along with baking soda in warm water.
Diffuser blend:
2 dr Eucalyptus,
3 dr. Lime,
2 drs. Thyme.
This blend awakens the senses, stimulates creativity, freshness in the room.
Calf wrap Eucalyptus for high fever.
This oil also works as an air purifier, against
insects, mice and lice.

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