Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens)
antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory. Supports pancreas;blood sugar balance, stimulates lymph flow and drainage,
Supports liver and kidneys.
For PMS, menopause symptoms (regulates hormones).
Swelling of breasts
Stops excessive menstrual bleeding,
For nerve pain: geranium and cedarwood.
Shingles, pimples, light inflammation
Acne (regulates sebum production), oily skin, but also psoriasis and eczema and dry skin.
Weak stomach, peptic ulcer.
Calcified spine, hernia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, paralysis,
damage to capillaries
After miscarriage and after childbirth, this is physically a healing oil.
improves blood circulation.
Contra- indictaions: may interact with medications for diabetes, epilepsy, blood pressure, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines, antibiotics, NSAIDs and anesthesia.
Dilute max. 10% on skin.

Good against fears.
For a broken heart,
Gives people confidence that the people around them usually have good intentions.
Hormonal balance.
Good for introverts to be able to open up more (opens your heart).
Against stress.
Combine with lime when working on releasing deeply rooted emotions.
Can help restore the bond with parents when it has been damaged.

Chakra: 2nd Chakra
Astrology: Cancer, Scorpio
planets: Jupiter, moon, venus
Element: water, earth
Affirmation: My body is in a constant state of renewal and healing, I have balance in my life and take good care of myself.
Bach Blossoms: cherry plum, holly, impatiens.
Stones: chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, rhodonite,
Supports personal transformation.
Through Geranium you can better connect with the sun: nourishment for your soul and with the moon; to better understand life cycles.

Use as a deodorant. Because you mix it with a base oil, it also cares for the skin under your armpits. Do take a fast-absorbing base oil and be careful with clothing.
Apply 1-3 drops, diluted with a base oil to the heart.
For liver and kidney support: apply one drop with base oil to the liver and kidneys.
Hormone balance: rub, along with a base oil, on the inner wrists
Back pain: massage next to the spine or a warm compress.

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