Minor cuts, scrapes or burns, eczema, psoriasis, allergy, falling asleep.
Within aromatherapy, lavender is considered the most versatile oil. Moreover, also the most friendly oil. As in: you can’t do much wrong with it. Lavender oil is a very safe oil. Dosage: max. 16% in adults. You cannot quickly overdose this oil. Incidentally, you get a headache with overdose.
This oil also does what it takes. It can relax or energize you. Exactly what you need at the moment.
If you are unsure which oil to use, use lavender.
Lavender is healing (undiluted) for blisters, cuts, scrapes and burns, obviously do not use for large wounds! It disinfects, reduces pain and allows the skin to heal much more beautifully. Also has a soothing effect on insect bites / stings, even undiluted. Has (diluted with a base oil) a soothing effect on the skin; great with geranium and calendula base oil for eczema. Lavender is also great for psoriasis.
Or with itching for which there is no direct cause.
Lavender is great for: allergies, loss of appetite, brittle hair, dandruff, dry hair, it also has a diuretic effect, gives energy during exhaustion, calms the intestines when flatulence and calms hyperactivity, nice in the postpartum period, in other words; after childbirth. Also helps with postpartum depression. Skin rash, dry or sensitive skin, ear pain (apply behind the ear and never in the ear!), If you faint, it will bring you back soon.

Relaxing, expressing feelings, emotional balance.
Lavender helps you fall asleep,
Has a relaxing effect, both physically and emotionally. But one thing is so much related to the other.
With fear, tension, anger, irritation, distrust. Soothes when aroused, helps to concentrate.
Is a great aid in coping with abuse, comfort when someone has to cry a lot, but also makes someone cry a lot when this is stuck. Lavender for feelings of depression, mood swings, grinding teeth, getting teeth, dizziness, withdrawal. Provides emotional and physical balance. Provides a sense of satisfaction, enhances creativity.
Lavender is also the oil of communication. Provides honest communication. Lavender oil helps to let go of aspects that prevent you from being your true self.
Helps you to express yourself. If you are afraid of being seen and heard or not being seen and heard. For fear of rejection.
Lavender is soft, but very powerful.
So: start spraying and feel what this does to you.

Deep meditative state, protective and expanding consciousness.
Ruling Planet: Mercury.
Element: air
Astrological signs: Aquarius, Virgo, Leo.
Yin or yang: is actually in between. Balance between yin and yang. The oil is actually neutral.
Stones: amethyst, green moss agaath, lapis lazuli, turquoise
Archangels: Sabrael, Saint Germain and Kuan Yin.
Nice to combine with: Bach flowers: Cherry Plum, Red Chestnut, Crab apple, Star or Bethlehem.
Lavender oil activates the pineal gland.
Also used with Magnified Healing and nowadays I use it with a pineal gland activation.
Promotes awareness.
It works well in healing, is comforting and has a protective effect.
This oil can also be used very well to protect against the energies of others. It also protects against criticism, both from yourself and others.
Encourages to connect with the world, spread your unique gifts and light. This oil relieves feelings of being very vulnerable, withdrawn and fear. It helps grow spiritually by helping you integrate your experiences, bringing increased awareness and perspective.
Balances the high and low chakras. Positive, calming and energizing effect on all chakras. Strong affinity with the solar plexus chakra. (3rd chakra). This has a calming effect on strong emotions. Can support widening of the heart chakra. And helps to express what you feel and think (throat chakra). But even more lavender works on the crown chakra. It can help to achieve a deep meditative state and therefore it is very suitable for nebulizing during meditation, yoga or spiritual workshops, such as theta healing. Can also be used for various initiations. Also for mediums.
It also helps us integrate our spirituality into our daily life. Cleans spaces of negative energy. Helps to see that even small things are valuable and “sacred”.
Meridians: Central Governor and Lung Meridian.

Spraying lavender has an insect repellent effect on small flies,
It also cleans the air and refreshes the room. Works harmonizing on all those present.
Lavender is also wonderful in a foot bath.
For a bath and therefore a foot bath, use a neutral, preferably organic shower gel with which you mix a few drops.
Lavender is also great for sleeping (watch eyes) and wrists (both diluted with base oil).
Cleaning tip:
in a toilet roll that sits on the hanger; 1 drop of lavender and / or 1 drop of lemon in the cardboard of the roll. The scent is released every time you spin.
When you own a different scent; eucalyptus and / or lemon is for the toilet. also delicious, you like it better, take it.
Spread lavender (diluted) on: reflex points, chakra points or locally (location of the pain) under the feet, on the temples (pay attention to eyes), on wrists, on your neck, in a bath with baking soda, for example, on a tissue, on your pillow, in a nebulizer.
Lavender combines nicely with Roman chamomile for babies with colic and sleeping badly. I always recommend misting in the bedroom when the kids are not there and removing it when they go to sleep.
Dry eczema
5 Dr. lavender,
3 dr. Geranium
2 tablespoons of base oil (preferably and if not hypersensitive to this with calendula oil)
Apply 3 to 4 times a day on the skin with eczema. The keyword is softness. So do not massage, but iron over the skin.
Affirmation lavender: I am relaxed and at ease in any situation.

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