Use diluted max. 0.5% on the skin.
Contra indication: skin diseases, damaged or very sensitive skin, do not use during use of antibiotics, do not use in the bath.
Do not use during pregnancy and lactation or prostate enlargement.
And cautious use with diabetes medication.
An oil used primarily for purification and digestion.
In case of digestive problems so,
lactose intolerance, increases liver function, lowers cholesterol, balances blood sugar levels, Thyroid not functioning properly, especially Graves and Hashimoto’s.
For high blood pressure, dilates the blood vessels (thus lowering blood pressure), improves blood circulation, for varicose veins to use so.
Stimulates the lymph flow. Good for swollen glands,
For inflammations, with a bladder infection, kidney disorders, edema, is also diuretic, therefore lowers blood pressure.
In respiratory tract infection or sinusitis.
Treats fever,
can be used as a sedative,
stimulates hormone production, balances estrogen and progesterone. PMS, excessive menstruation and infertility.
Fine oil against MRSA, parasites, Salmonella, Candida. Regenerates ( restores damaged, torn) or weak connective tissue and ligaments ( ligaments) or muscles.
Carpal tunnel syndrome,muscular dystrophy, Whyplash (ligaments), Frozen sholder, excessive muscle tension,
Supportive for umbilical and inguinal hernias, and sprains.
Acts as an analgesic, especially in cramp attacks.
Astringent in case of open pores.
For mental fatigue, retina strengthening, anyway good for eye health in general.

Awareness and clarity.
Strengthening and harmonizing.
Helps with difficult, emotional transition phases. Restores balance after a stressful period.
Helps to handle stress. Enthusiastic.
When you feel passive.

Awareness, to clear the mind and space prior to: prayer, meditation, visualization, contemplation, therapy (talk therapy, coaching, hypnotherapy).
Lemongrass helps you enter a healing mode or purifying state. In this state of being, you more easily release old, limiting beliefs, bad energies and negativity. Lemongrass assists you to move forward without doubt. It asks you to commit to healing where change occurs regularly and to release stagnant energy.
Planet: mercury, sun
Element: air, fire.
Chakras: solar plexus, navel.
And lemongrass cleanses negative energy located in the third eye chakra, this to promote clairvoyance etc. and to keep/get the connection with psychic abilities pure.
Astrology: Leo, Scorpio,
Bach Remedies: Elm, Hornbeam, Oak, Olive.
Stones: Chrysopra ash, Citrine, sun stone.
Affirmation: I am grateful for the feeling of belonging somewhere, to my friends, family and colleagues, I am blessed with self-confidence, I feel energetic and have tremendous stamina. I am healthy and feel peaceful.

Thyroid: rub diluted daily on the thyroid ( bottom of the neck),
Immune system: rub diluted daily under the feet.
Massage with this oil helps to make the muscles more supple.
Smoke and insect repellent for in the evaporator.

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