Max. 10% diluted with a base oil on the skin.
Gives a great boost to the immune system.
In over 50 studies, tangerine is cited for its ability to inhibit tumors from growing.
Liver probs, gallbladder, digestion, stomach cramps, diarrhea and constipation, flatulence and belching. Against lack of appetite.
Astringent effect on the skin, softens the skin. Acne, pimples, clogged or oily skin, preventive against stretch marks in pregnancy
Epilepsy, but a contra-indication when taking medication for epilepsy.
Stimulates lymphatic system.

For mild or autumnal depression, or heavy on the hand, gloomy children, negativity.
Helps you get from a half empty to a half full glass.
Brings emotional balance and security, self-confidence. Makes you happier, when grieving ( demented) elderly, children. Calming and light sleep-inducing.
Helps babies and children who sleep badly, against bedwetting and fears and no longer have nightmares.
For people who feel overwhelmed by responsibilities or tasks, this is a nice oil to experience less pressure. Also a beautiful oil to use in case of overstrain.
Encourages spontaneity and creativity. Helps with out of the box thinking.
A super oil to diffuse during brainstorm sessions.
Supports recovery after illness.

Find the lightness in your heart again.
Plant message: life is a game, come laugh with me.
Tangerine helps you connect with your guardian angels.
When you inhale mandarin, visualize a clear connection asking for specific guidance and help.
Further, mandarin provides inner peace, a sense of security, beautiful dreams,
You can use this oil specifically to invoke Archangel Michael and ask for wisdom, observation and persepctive.
Archangel Gabriel for inspiration and guidance, dream interpretation, and inner knowing and Archangel Auriel to get in touch with the sacred femininity, and to break free from unconscious fear.
This oil also assists in bringing back fond memories of Atlantis.
Astrology: lion, ram, waterman, Libra.
Chakra: heart, navel, soalr plexus.
Planets: sun, uranus, venus.
Elements: air and fire
Affirmation: I have an abundance of spiritual helpers who assist me in all areas of life. Guidance and inspiration I receive from the angels. I am blessed with nurturing energies wherever I go.
Bach Blossoms: Aspen, Clematis, Mimulus, Red Chestnut
Stones: Celestine, clear quartz, hematite, orange calcite, pink calcite.

For fatigue related to tension: apply to the wrist with a base oil.
Wonderful oil to mist. With other citrus oils, such as wild orange and bergamot it becomes even stronger against depression.
Together with lavender, mandarin (possibly also with chamomile) is a wonderful oil blend for the baby room. Makes calm and happy at the same time. I always misted when the children were not in the room to remove the diffuser when they went to sleep.
1 dr of tangerine along with a drop of base oil in the palms of your hands, rub or massage a little (use a little more base oil then) and inhale deliciously with a bowl over your hands. Especially nice for children and the elderly.
Tight skin serum:
2 dr. Green mandarin
1 dr. Melaleuca,
1 dr. Frankincense,
1 dr Hawaiian Sandalwood
Apply with a base oil after removing makeup.

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