Slow digestion, immune system, cholesterol level, flu, colds, heartburn, blood pressure lowering, regeneration of skin cells.
With slow digestion, with stomach acid. Stimulates the immune system, good for flu and colds, Stimulates cholesterol levels, helps to lower blood pressure. In case of palpitations, a fine oil to inhale, then brings some rest.
Supports skin cell regeneration. A fine oil for poorly circulated skin, cellulite, dry skin.

Emotional balance, feelings of depression, creativity, inner child, spontaneity, playfulness, fun, cheerfulness.
Helps you find emotional balance. Supports feelings of depression.
Encourages creativity, brings you back into contact with your inner child and this brings: spontaneity, playfulness, fun and cheerfulness.
Helps you see the true meaning of abundance and lets fear, nervousness, inflexibility, fade into the background.
Also a great oil for workaholics.
Jealousy or envy can also help you relax more.
Wild oprange invites you to live from your authenticity.

Authenticity, abundance, sense of peace.
Wild orange invites you to live from your authenticity.
Orange brings with it the belief that there is abundance in every area, for everyone.
It reminds the soul of the unlimited abundance of nature.
This oil inspires you to give without the idea that it needs to be compensated.
Orange also brings a feeling of peace.
Orange oil is magical energy
Meridian: lung, heart, stomach,
Element: fire and earth
planet: sun
Astrology: Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.
Affirmation: I feel happy in the peaceful, loving energy of my heart.
I share compassion, kindness and love from my heart with others.
Stones: citrine, clear quartz, emerald, yellow calcite.
Angels: Raphael, Uriel and Kwan Yin. It fits very well with the compassion and grace that Kwan Yin is known for.
This oil is known to bring back memories from Atlantis.
Bach flowers: Gentian, Larch, Wild rose.

For anxiety, you can drip 2-3 drops of pure orange essential oil onto a tissue and inhale several times a day.
Delicious and nice for wrinkles: mask of (a good) honey and essential orange oil.
Watch out for phototoxicity!
Air freshener spray:
Slowly mix essential oil (15 drops lemon and 15 drops orange) with 25 ml. alcohol (96%, this is called pure alcohol)
Then mix 50 ml. distilled water.
Put this in a glass spray bottle.
You can use this to make any room nice and fresh and also, for example, a toilet. freshener replaced.
Orange is also great for cleaning when others in the family have a cold.
Orange is also delicious in the diffuser (at work even if this is possible) during the flu and cold, also nice in shops, offices, etc.

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