Migraine, headache, hot flushes, fever, heat, digestion, irritable bowel (IBS)
There are many different stories about peppermint going around. Especially about whether it can lower or increase high blood pressure. I just say: be careful when you have high blood pressure, with the use of peppermint. Furthermore, beware of heart disease. Do not use during pregnancy, not on children under 6 years of age.
Better not use just before going to sleep. It just peps up, so that is not convenient. Great for migraines and headaches. Sinusitis, allergies, has a calming effect on itching. Fine with hot flashes (menopause). Also cools well in case of a fever or when it is warm outside. In case of inflammation, Stimulates heart, brain, pancreas and circulation. Releases physical energy. Promotes digestion. Good for nausea. Do not use in case of reflux (excess stomach acid).
In response to a study, the Dutch Gastroenterology Foundation (MLDS) has reported that peppermint oil has the best results in irritable bowel syndrome. (PDS).

New thought processes, present in the here and now, apart from negative thoughts, encouragement.
Peppermint emotionally counteracts negative thoughts and temporarily detaches you from their effects. Soothes spiritually. Helps balance the physical body and emotions. Great for stress. Stimulates the brain to other thought processes and gives access to a higher level of thinking. New thoughts and beliefs come about under the influence of peppermint oil. An oil when you are desperate, feel resistance, to encourage you to work on the issues that keep you from living to the full. To stay in the here and now. Supports therapeutic processes in which the client has the negation of always being “absent”. And it is precisely the intention to make the client actually present. Processing emotions. When you want to list your feelings, want to be clear about exactly what you are feeling. With drift and anger.
Peppermint works on the ego; dispels feelings of pride and self-importance while helping to overcome feelings of inferiority.
Above all, spray nicely. Start again with 1 drop and build up to what you like.

Purifying and heightening spiritual energy.
For a conscious mind, works purifying, increases the spiritual energy. Fine oil for purification rituals.
Peppermint works on the ego; dispels feelings of pride and self-importance and helps to overcome feelings of inferiority.
Planet: Mars, Pluto,
Element: air
Astrology: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer.
Heart chakra, throat chakra and base chakra.
Heart chakra: expansion of the heart chakra, more love and acceptance.
For this you can apply it on the soles of the feet and crown.
Meridians: Spleen, Gallbladder, Governor, and Bladder
Bach Remedies: chestnut bud, Rock water, wild oat.
Stones; crystal
Angel: Muriel.
Affirmation: I am open and receptive to all the abundance it has to offer me.

Allergy and hay fever: in a full diffuser
2 drops of lemon,
2 drops of peppermint and 2 drops of lavender.
Furthermore: when you feel a headache or migraine coming on, use a roller with base oil and peppermint from the hairline in the middle forehead, along the hairline to the front of your ear, then back to the bump at the bottom of your neck, from there to your shoulder head.
From the head of the shoulder up to behind your ear and from there to the dimple at the rim of the skull. Repeat on the other side. Then massage oil with fingertips by following the same route. Be careful not to get oil in the ears or eyes.
Furthermore: for sweating or hot flushes: a little diluted peppermint on your neck.
In case of fever: peppermint diluted under the feet.
Peppermint is also a nice oil for sweaty feet. To mix with various other oils for a fresh foot oil.
You can also freshen up the sports shoes with it.

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