Oily and dry hair, also for dandruff.
Respiratory / lungs ( steaming) When you suffer quickly from your lungs, this is a very fine oil. Also for coughs.
Stimulates the nervous system.
With vaginal infections and vaginitis ( cramping of the vagina).
In case of low blood pressure.
Do not use with high blood pressure or ACE medication. Not with epilepsy or during pregnancy.
Lowers cholesterol.
Irregular menstruation, stimulates menstruation,
Stimulates the memory.
With (alcohol) addiction
Burn-out (mental exhaustion)
With stress and fatigue
Improves memory.
Max. 10% Diluted on the skin.

For people where the “I am” is too weak, this is a strengthening oil. This oil peps up, shakes you up to find enthusiasm, fun and your will, self-interest also important. Gives clarity and strength to tackle problems.
Rosemary is a super oil to use during a test or exam. It helps you to recall information you need at that moment.
Also a great oil to use for jealousy.

A great oil to use during reincarnation therapy, regression sessions. Supports spiritual memories. A deeper understanding of previous incarnations occurs with the help of Rosemary.
Planet: Sun,
Chakra: crown, third eye.
Astrology: Virgo
Planets: mars, mercury, uranus
yang oil.
Element: fire, wood.
Affirmation: i am bright, energetic, and connected.
Grateful for all my qualities. I am grounded and focused.
Bach Blossoms: Chestnut bud, Crab apple, Mustard.
Stones: Citrine, clear quartz, emerald, rainbow obsidian,
Use Rosemary to connect with Archangel Sabrael to release jealousy.

Chronic cough (for which you have also seen a doctor or specialist):
2 dr diluted on the reflex points of the lung or over the chest or diffuse
Focus and memory:
one drop diluted on the forehead, temples and diffuse.
Low blood pressure:
Massage with a carrier oil on the legs and soles of the feet. Massage upward.

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