max 4% diluted on the skin.
Immune system boost, reduces excessive sweating or, on the contrary, promotes perspiration,
Against hot flashes, in foot bath (sweaty feet),
Appetite stimulation, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders.
THE oil for women’s hormones! Menstrual problems, PMS, menopause problems, regulates and imitates estrogen, Irritability around menstruation (in combination with Lavender and Geranium)
Stabilizing hormone system
Also a very fine oil when women stop breastfeeding (must have stopped permanently), to reduce milk production.
Healing effect on acne and difficult skins
Contra- inications:
Do not use on children < 6 years Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use with epilepsy and Parkinson's disease or high blood pressure. Do not use if liver or kidneys are malfunctioning. May interact with medications for diabetics.

FFor life fatigue and despondency, helps regain confidence in one’s own strength.
Good for people with suppressed anger.
Good oil for sensitive people.
A beautiful oil for people who want to soothe bad experiences or memories.
Sage raises your vibrational level.

THE oil to keep negative energy out of personal space and rooms. Energetically cleanse spaces, ward off outside influences, aura lifters, etc.
Sage helps you resonate with wisdom and inspiration and recognize the difference between wisdom and knowledge.
Plant message: ”I give you strength and long life”.
Chakra: base, navel, solar plexus
astrology: scorpio.
Planet: Moon, Pluto
Element: earth, fire.
Affirmation: i am safe, all is well. I surround myself with reliable people, I am blessed and always feel protected by a higher power. I am in a state of well-being and goodness.
Bach Blossoms: Mimulus, Rescue remedy, Red Chestnut
Stones: Amethyst, brown agate, green moss agate, green tourmaline, lapis lazuli, rainbow obsidian, smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian.

BA great oil for healers, readers, hypnotists, shamans and mediums.

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