Tea Tree

Tea Tree

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)


Cold sores, canker sores, fungi, including: vaginal fungus, swimmer’s eczema, fungal nails, bacteria, viruses, lice, boils, pustules, corns, warts.
Against fungi, bacteria and viruses
For: chicken pox, shingles, lice, also preventive, insects, boils, pustules, corns, warts, canker sores, fungi, including vaginal fungus, swimmers’ eczema, fungal nails, fungus in the mouth and cold sores.

Focusing, loosening dependency relationships, setting boundaries, standing up for yourself.
Spiritual: releases negative energetic baggage and helps to break energetic bonds.
Increases concentration (in combination with lemon)
Against confusion, helps to think logically, to focus (to act purposefully).
Specifically, this oil can support you to break free from dependency relationships, parasitic relationships, toxic relationships. It does not matter whether this concerns a physical person
or an emotional connection with different people. When you do not dare to stand up for yourself, engage in self-deception or let others take advantage of you and you cannot set limits It helps you recognize what you could do differently. Tea tree supports healthy boundaries. For people who are chronically ill, melaleuca is a helping hand that can help them to believe in life and in health again.

Releases negative energetic baggage and helps to break energetic bonds.
May be used undiluted on the skin in some cases; such as with a cold sore or used in the mouth for dotting or rinsing / gargling.
Indicates energetic boundary, releases negative energetic baggage. Melaleuca also helps to break energetic bonds in a bond with a deceased person.
Is a clear Yin oil.
Chakra: heart, third eye, throat.
Meridian: Lung and kidney
Element: metal.
Astrology: Aquarius
planet: uranus
Bach flowers: crab apple, Gorse, Star or Bethlehem.
Stones: blue agate, blue tiger’s eye, blue or green onyx, orange calcite, turquoise
Angel: Gabriel
“I can look at others without judging, I respect their choices, their path”
“My body is my ally in fulfilling the life of my dreams
“I have the courage to set my limits and follow my chosen path that is good for me”

Boils or corn: 2 Dr. melaleuca on a damp cotton ball. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes. Repeat 3x a day for 3 weeks.
You can also use melaleuca preventively against lice, a drop in a collar coat, a few drops through conditioner and shampoo. When there are lice, same and comb with melaleuca in the conditioner in the hair. This way the nits come off easily.
Also with mold in the house; on walls and in cupboards, melaleuca helps.
Despite its great effect, I don’t like melaleuca to be nebulized or inhaled. But for lubrication (diluted or undiluted) this is really great.

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