Anti-spasms, analgesic,
anti-parasitic, perspiration promoting,
Arthritis, muscular rheumatism,
rheumatism, sprains,
vitiligo, TB, anorexia, menstruation, PMS, ADHD, ADD, ASD, anxiety,
depression ( also post partum), hormonal balance, insomnia, skin ( oily, aging, acne or wrinkles)
Contra indications: Use with caution during pregnancy.

Works soothing or helps to focus, concentrate.
Helps develop a vision, wisdom stimulating.
Reduces anger, anxiety, addictions, aggression, burnout, depression ( also post-partum)
Grounding, stabilizing, helps deal with stress and recover from trauma. Growth, integrity, body-mind connection, strength, obsessions, when particle thinking, makes all particles more of a whole. Irritation, emotional burnout, loss of purpose, emotional weakness, too much in fantasy world, neurotic, nervous, unstable, disoriented. Provides emotional balance.

Balance of male and female energy, grounding.
Plant message: feel the power within yourself.
Meridian: heart, stomach, kidney, spleen.
I am reconnecting with my true self and meeting all my challenges.
I am free and rediscovering myself.
Being present in the here and now promotes a deep connection with feelings and thoughts.
All is well, I am calm, relaxed. I am grounded, focused, energetic.
Planet: Venus,
Saturn and Earth.
Element: earth
Chakra: base
Astrology: capricorn and taurus
Bach Blossoms: clematis, Oak, Rock water
Stones: brown agate, golden tiger eye, sodalite, tree agateh,
Vetiver helps cleanse the aura.
To protect yourself: inhale the fragrance ( in a bowl of your hands over your nose) while visualizing that you are
body from negative energies. If you want to protect your home, put Vetiver in a diffuser and visualize your home this time.

ADD/ ADHD/ ASS: 1 à 2 druppels verdund met een basisolie ochter oren en in nek.
Slapeloosheid: 1 à 2 druppels verdund langs de ruggegraat.
Neuropathie: 1-2 druppels verdund op voetzolen en langs ruggengraat.
Menstruatie issues/ PMS: 1 à 2 druppels verdund op onderbuik smeren.
PTSS en angsten: 1- 2 druppels verdund achter oren
en/ of (onverdund, tenminste: met water) vernevelen.
Roller bottle stress verminderaar:
10 ml. Rollerbottle.
8 dr. Vetiver
12 dr. Bergamot,
8 dr. lavendel,
8 dr. Frankincense en afvullen met een basisolie.
Breng aan op polsen en in je nek. Let op fototoxiciteit i.v.m. Bergamot.

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