The ancient medicine

Cannabis as a medicine

It is becoming increasingly known that cannabis oil has many beneficial medicinal qualities. This knowledge is actuallly very old and the Cannabis plant has been used for centuries for all kinds of disorders. With the arrival of contemporary medicine, the knowledge of this ancient medicine has largely been lost.

The effect of cannabis on the body will be best with a regular intake. It often does not work immediately, but the immune system will be strengthened slowly and steadily. It is similar to a dietary supplement whose effects are not immediately noticeable, but on the long run the effects are massive.

“Making Cannabis Oil (without Decarboxilation)”

This film is meant to show you how you can make cannabis oil in other ways that are less intoxicating and more focused on healing the body than on the suppression of pain and discomfort. So this oil is very good to use in skin conditions and other projects where the immune system plays an important role.

“Cannabis Oil, how to use it and for what purpose”

In this video I explain for what you can use cannabis oil, how you can use cannabis oil and what the difference is between heated and unheated cannabis oil.

The different cannabis oils

Medicinal cannabis oil is made in different ways, but the best-known methods are those of Rick Simpson and those of Wernard browning. With medicinal cannabis oil the resin crystals are first dissolved in a solvent which is then evaporated to leave a sticky substance. This is the cannabis oil. Diluting it with another oil makes it easier to dose.

In addition to the known THC and CBD, cannabis contains at least 200 different potentially effective medical ingredients that have been researched poorly and therefore little is known about it. Because a large part of these ingredients are lost when these substances are heated, I felt inspired to do research on the unheated cannabis oil. As a result of this research I am a big supporter of it and I advise people to use the unheated oil and unheated CBD oil.

By heating, the oil it undergoes a process called Decarboxilation. This causes the THC acids (the THC-A) to convert into THC. The Cannaboids from the THC and CBD influence the cannabis receptors that are naturally present in our body.

In cannabis oil that is made without heating these acids remain and also many other possible medicinal substances that are present in the plant.The THC acids have a similar effect as the Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) from our body which is a balance repairing molecule. This molecule provides an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, has a positive effect on the immune modulation of our body and takes a very effective role in protecting the nerves in chemotherapy.

Cannabis can prevent corona infection

People who regularly use cannabis are less likely to get infected with the coronavirus. Cannabis contains two substances, CBGA and CBDA, which can prevent the coronavirus from entering healthy cells of the body. This is according to a study done by the University of Oregon and published in the Journal of Nature Products.

The laboratory tests were done on the alpha and beta variant of the virus, which showed that the substances from the cannabis stick to the protein parts of the virus. This process blocked the infectious agents of the virus.

When using cannabis oil, cooking with cannabis or smoking it, the substances CBGA and CBDA are absorbed into the body.

The benefits of cannabis oil

Below are some of the benefits that have been demonstrated with regular use of this drug:

It prevents cancer:

After a two-year study in 1996, THC was found to reduce the occurrence of benign and malignant tumors. In 2012, it was shown that animals that were given a CBD preparation had a much lower risk of getting cancer.

It strengthens your bones:

THC and CBD contribute to the bone metabolism which ensures strong and healthy bones. Age-related bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are counteracted by cannabis use because it helps to renew bone cells.

It strengthens your skin:

The antioxidant effect of cannabis can act as a natural anti-aging agent if you apply a cream, lotion or balm to the skin with the cannabinoids in it. It restores damage from free radicals such as UV radiation and pollution from the air.

It is anti-inflammatory:

Many diseases start with inflammations in the body that are caused by an over-stimulated immune system. A well-functioning endocannabinoid system brings this back into balance. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD stimulate this system throughout the body to reduce inflammation.

Better recovery after strokes:

Research from 2013 at the University of Nottingham revealed that cannabinoids are effective in reducing the damage in that part of the brain that was effected by stroke. It helps to restore the neurological function.

It protects your brain:

Cannabinoids are neuroprotective (brain nerve protective). This is due to the high concentration and powerful antioxidants in THC and CBD.

It rejuvenates:

It protects our DNA against damage, so it can literally counteract aging. German scientists have shown that a daily dose of THC protects the brain against the degeneration of brain cells and can even restore a brain.

Stimulates digestion:

Cannabinoid receptors occur in high concentrations in your digestive tract. The Anandamide is our own natural bodily THC, which activates the digestive process. Taking cannabis stimulates this process and also protects us against inflammation and injury.

It is de-stressing:

By regularly taking a low dose you prevent too much stress in your life, and you reduce the risk of stress-related diseases. In addition, cannabis can also help prevent symptoms of stress such as insomnia.

Cardiovascular diseases:

Cannabinoids open blood vessels and increase blood flow to the heart. It can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation in the tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use only buds? Or can I use a mix of leaves, stems and buds to make the Cannabis oil?

I use the buds and smaller leaves around the buds. The bigger leaves and sticks I don’t use for oil.
(everything that sticks to your fingers has most likely medicine on it)

Do I have to decarboxilate the weed before I make the oil?

You can decarboxilate the oil, but then you’ll have the same oil as Rick Simson makes it. (very good oil!)
Unheated oil is a different oil with similar results but it’s less intoxicating. (You can use higher dosages without getting high)

Where can I get weed to make the oil with?

You can simply get cannabis at a coffee shop in the Netherlands. The cheapest cannabis strain is fine.
If you have the opportunity to grow some plants, it is of course much cheaper. (A few plants in the summer is more than enough for a whole year of cannabis oil)

Why is the weed diluted by 10%

This is to make it easier to dose. With a dilution of 10% you can easily take an amount that is not intoxicating.
You could of course make a higher percentage if this has your preference.

Can I buy Cannabis oil from you?

No, I’m not selling cannabis oil. I am not allowed to  do so. But because it is such a great product, I made this website to tell everyone how to DIY.

Can I decarboxilate the oil after it is finished?

Yes, After you make the oil, you can easily put your bottle with oil in the oven and leave it there for an hour at 115°C (240°F)

Is it helpful for cancer and what would be the daily dose?

Yes, I made this oil especially for treating cancer and with very good results. Because it is not heated the dosages can be higher without making someone high.
Treatments with Cannabis works very well for most people, but for some people it has no effect.

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